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Beginners Bowling Balls

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If you are just starting out in the wild and crazy sport of bowling, you want a beginners bowling ball. You want a ball that is easy to grip and easy to use. You want a ball that will not detract from your overall learning experience. So, when looking for beginners bowling balls, keep these things in mind:

  • Hook -- Now is not the time to worry about hooking your ball. Before you start hooking your ball, you want to get the absolute basics down. Do not spend the extra money to get a ball with a lot of hook until you have had a lot of practice.

  • Good beginners bowling ball lines are offered by some of the top bowling ball companies, including Bruswick, Ebonite, Columbia, and AMF.

  • Play before you invest. Make sure that you truly love the sport and that you will continue playing it before you dish out a ton of money on a bowling ball. However, if you have spent plenty of time at the lanes using house balls and you want an upgrade, you may want to skip the beginners bowling balls in favor of a midrange ball.

  • Even the most basic, beginners bowling balls will suit you better if you have the finger holes professionally drilled to fit your hand.

Remember: when you are starting out bowling, it is perfectly acceptable to have gutter balls and poor hits. Just try to glean any information you can from better bowlers -- do not be insulted when they offer you tips.

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