Clear Bowling Balls


The clear bowling balls that we have to offer are some of the top-selling balls on the market. We have classic clear balls like skull balls, and we also have many other innovative designs. Find your favorite clear ball, simply by browsing through our great selection that we have available here at Best Bowling.

A clear bowling ball can quickly become your best friend at the bowling alley. Alright, so this may sound a little strange, but just think of how much fun you can have with a clear bowling ball!

There are so many different styles of this type of ball that you are definitely going to be able to find the perfect clear bowling ball for you – the one that most matches your personal style. You can get a clear bowling ball with a skull or an orange or one of many other things in the middle of it – it can look so cool to have a bowling ball that seemingly has some strange object planted in the core.

Of course, it is also possible to get a clear bowling ball that is plainly clear. Any of these types of balls can become your best friend at the alley… once you start rolling strikes with them! So, why not get a clear bowling ball today? Amaze your friends. Improve your game. Have fun.

Clear bowling balls can be rather mesmerizing -- after all, there is nothing quite like seeing a skull or a giant orange, etc. knocking down ten pins. However, clear bowling balls are not for everyone. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are interested in them:

  • If you want a clear bowling ball with something small, like a pair of dice "floating" within it, you are only going to be able to use the ball for making spares (straight bowlers can also use such a ball.) The reason? As you can literally see, such a ball has no core.
  • In fact, when you have a clear bowling ball, you can see directly through the coverstock, to the core. So, depending on what object you want to have suspended within your ball, you are going to have a different shaped core, and different shapes cause the ball to act differently. It is possible to get a variety of shapes -- cylinders, squares, etc. -- but not all images look good on all shapes of cores.
  • So, if you are a serious bowler, you are going to have to choose your transparent bowling ball based more upon how it rolls than how it looks. And, to be quite honest, most people choose clear bowling balls because of how interesting they look!
  • A clear bowling ball can be an excellent tool if you want to show someone how different cores work -- after all, it is the only type of ball that you can actually watch the core in action: you can see how it creates an imbalance with the ball and how the ball tries to stabilize as it rolls down the lane.

So, remember, when shopping for a clear bowling ball, how the core looks is not as important as how it acts.

We have the best selection of Clear Bowling Ball at the lowest prices!

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