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The Quad Classic-PRO has the same great shape and fit as our popular Quad Classic (Perfect Oval/Power Regular combo) but in NEW 55 durometer hardness. The stiffer flex and firm texture of the Classic-PRO make it a great insert option for competitive bowlers who have a tough time using softer-textured inserts.

Durometer Updated 55 Shore A
Sizes Available: 19/32 -29/32, Standard Diameter 31/32”
Colors: Black and Blue ONLY

Perfect Oval—is designed as a true, milled oval shape. This oval shape is flat through the center and is the most like the shape of your fingertip giving you a very natural and relaxed fit.

Side 2:
Power Lift 1/4” – helps increase loft and length of release to the target. The finger pad has a flat edge and smooth surface for a sharp, clean feel.