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  • Finally, the Venom Shock Pearl (VSP) has arrived! Featuring our new Hexion cover and a dual density weight block, the VSP is the perfect complement to the original solid edition, which is one of the most popular MOTIV balls ever because it is so versatile on light to medium oil. 

    The Top Gear™ weight block gives the Venom Shock Pearl a low RG and low differential similar to the original solid ball, yet its dual density structure provides a more angular backend motion. 

    To provide easy length and a fast response to friction, a new Hexion MFP (Medium Friction Pearl) Reactive cover is utilized on the VSP.  At the factory, the Purple Pearl cover stock is tuned with a 5500 Grit LSP finish to boost the performance attributes of MOTIV’s Hexion technology.

    Rev dominant bowlers will be pleased to find great length and angle from the Venom Shock Pearl.  Similarly, bowlers currently using the solid edition will now have an outstanding complementary ball for that third game when the oil pattern is broken down.  

Color  purple/black
Reaction  Length and sharp backend
Coverstock  Hexion™ MFP Pearl
Factory Finish  5500 Grit LSP
Core  Top Gear™
Weight  12-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff
 16  2.47  0.031
 15  2.47  0.035
 14   2.50  0.039
 13  2.57  0.024
 12  2.63  0.027