Best Bowling


After Dark Hybrid

Function 400 Series

The S30 Hybrid coverstock is the option when looking for something that will start up a little sooner and be a little smoother at the break point when compared to the pearl versions.

The Symmetric Nightfall core provides easy length and medium-low flare.

Use the After Dark Hybrid on drier lane conditions where control is needed.

The After Dark Hybrid will be the first option for the bowler learning to throw a ball that hooks. It will also be an option for the tournament bowler when the pattern starts to hook.

The Nightfall Symmetric core will provide a moderate amount of flare. It will provide maximum control on dry conditions for the accomplished player.

Wrapped around the core is the S30 Reactive coverstock. This cover will provide the most length within the 900 Global product line. Optimal for dry conditions or for the beginner getting used to reactive resin.


Color  Black Solid/Charcoal Pearl
Reaction  Long and Strong
Coverstock  S71 Pearl Reactive
Factory Finish  2000 Abralon
Core  Nightfall Symmetric
Weight  10-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff
 16  2.55  0.030
 15  2.56  0.030
 14  2.57  0.028
 13  2.58  0.041
 12  2.61  0.039
 11  2.70  0.018
 10  2.77  0.030