Best Bowling


Core: Inside you will find the now famous Ikon Core. This is by far the best low RG / high diff symmetrical core we have everoffered in the HP3 line. It provide plenty of flare and continuation.

Cover: On the outside you will find our newest solid creation in the eTrax-S19 cover. This formulation was created over the lastcouple months to create more traction in oil without reading the lane too quickly. Then we finished it with a Sheenwhich means we factory polished it and then scuffed it with 3000 before we boxed it.

Condition:Bottom line, this ball is just different. We decided to make this a "Pro" version by way of the coverstock finish. The 3000-grit Sheen marks the first time we have ever offered this at Roto Grip. In our testing we found this formula of solid witha sheen finish creates push through the front of the lane with more control at the breakpoint. Compared to a shiny IDOL, the IDOL Pro has more shape down lane because it does not have the added nano particle in the cover.


Color  Ocean Blue
Reaction  Medium to Medium/Heavy
Coverstock  eTrax-S19 Solid Reactive
Factory Finish  3000 grit sheen
Core  Ikon Core
Weight  12-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff
 16  2.49  0.049
 15  2.49  0.052
 14  2.54  0.049
 13  2.59  0.045
 12  2.65  0.035