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The all-new Electrify embodies value performance. Our team of experienced testers found this enhanced cover and core combination to fall in line with the classic Hot Line prestige of control in motion. This series will quickly become a fan favorite for players ranging from veteran to rookie. The Electrify is offered in two formulations to make this franchise more accessible for bowlers looking for more variety in their arsenal.

Offering more mid-lane traction, the hybrid variation is a force to be reckoned with. The maneuverability of Reactor Hybrid is rooted deep in its chemistry. The Electrify Hybrid is a gem for any player seeking feel and control.

Circuit Core The Circuit Core is the ultimate baseline weapon featuring a lowered RG and midrange differential for laserlike precision. This will undeniably become the perfect all-around core design for all player types.


Color  Silver/Mulberry/Neon Red
Reaction  3-4" Flare Potential, Medium
Coverstock  Reactor Hybrid Reactive
Factory Finish  1500 Grit Polished
Core  Circuit Core
Weight  10-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff
 16  2.50  0.031
 15  2.51  0.030
 14  2.53  0.031
 13  2.59  0.045
 12  2.65  0.035