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Trident Nemesis

Let's get right to it...the new Trident Nemesis is undoubtedly the most angular asymmetric ball ever created by Motiv! It proudly features our latest Infusion HV (High Volume) Pearl Reactive cover technology and new Sidewinder asymmetric weight block design. Intended for medium-heavy oil conditions, the Trident Nemesis has impressive backend motion and powerful continuation.

The new Sidewinder weight block expands the Motiv spec range within the asymmetric category making the Trident Nemesis a very attractive ball because of the impending balance hole rule change coming in 2020. Asymmetry will give ball drillers more influence over ball motion. The Sidewinder design is featured in every Trident Nemesis from 16 down to 12 pounds.

The Infusion HV Pearl Reactive cover ont he Supra, we saw more angle than efer from a Motiv ball. However, the Supra was intended for lighter oil conditions, so the task was to tune an already great cover to handle more oil without sacrificing down lane motion. After extensive testing, Infusion HV was developed. This cover creates more traction in the oil, yet still creates all the angle a bowler could need.

The Trident Nemesis is impressive on and off the lanes. The gorgeous Teal Pearl and Black Pearl cover has a polished 5500 Grit LSP finish and utilizes a ball pattern with bold blocks of color. This look is complemented with Silver Pearl and Aqua Pearl NeoMark graphics.


Color  Teal/Black Pearl
Reaction  Medium-Heavy Oil
Coverstock  Infusion HV Pearl Reactive
Factory Finish  5500 Grit LSS
Core  Sidewinder
Weight  12-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff Int Diff
 16  2.52  0.049  0.013
 15  2.52  0.049  0.013
 14  2.52  0.049  0.013
 13  2.56  0.051  0.015
 12  2.63  0.036  0.010