Best Bowling


Radical is excited to introduce two balls that Mo Pinel had been working on before his passing. The Trail Blazer, appropriately named since we all know what a trailblazer Mo was. The Trail Blazer is a Top-Shelf launch featuring a strong performing asymmetrical core and the new MOtion Magic cover stock. The second launch, the Payback, features a new Mo design and is a medium differential symmetrical core using the Ai-27 Pearl Plus cover. Both balls have the hard-hitting DynamiCore to assure the increased striking power our Radical Fans are accustomed to seeing.

The Payback is a benchmark addition to the Radical symmetrical line-up. This new Mo core design has an RG of 2.528 and a differential of 0.041 and is wrapped with the Ai-27 Pearl Plus. This cover core combination fills a gap in the Radical symmetrical line, creating more mid-lane motion than the Bonus line and more backend than the Intel line.


Color  Magenta/Teal
Reaction  Medium Oil, Length with Strong Backend
Coverstock  Ai-27 Pearl Reactive
Factory Finish  500, 1000, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad
Core  Symmetric (DynamiCore)
Weight  12-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff
 16  2.535  0.036
 15  2.528  0.041
 14  2.545  0.041
 13  2.574  0.040
 12  2.597  0.040