Best Bowling


The Iron Forge is, without a doubt, the strongest pearl symmetric bowling ball MOTIV® has made. This latest addition to the popular Forge line features the compact and powerful Detonator™ core and the impressive Infusion™ MVP Pearl Reactive cover, first introduced on the Ripcord Velocity. This core/cover combination creates unbelievable angle on medium-heavy oil conditions.

The low RG/high differential Detonator™ core gives the Iron Forge stability with a wide footprint on the lane. This yields more total hook, but also more mid-lane traction and control than other symmetrical core options.

This uniquely strong symmetrical Detonator™ core is what allows MOTIV® to use the very clean and angular Infusion™ MVP Reactive cover stock on moderately heavy oil patterns. It is the fastest and most angular cover stock ever released by MOTIV®. Polished to a 5000 Grit LSP finish, Infusion™ MVP provides the Iron Forge™ with excellent length, energy retention, and impressive angle down lane.


Color  Silver/Grey/Red
Reaction  Length with Strong Backend
Coverstock  Infusion MVP Pearl Reactive
Factory Finish  5000 Grit LSP
Core  Detonator
Weight  12-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff
 16  2.47  0.054
 15  2.47  0.055
 14  2.49  0.054
 13  2.55  0.045
 12  2.62  0.032