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The solid Trident™ Odyssey from MOTIV® features a strong asymmetric core and a new, more aggressive cover stock. Designed for control in medium-heavy oil conditions, the Trident™ Odyssey is a necessary addition to the bag of any bowlers encountering higher volumes of oil because it combines the new Coercion™ FYS (Full Yield Solid) Reactive cover stock with the fast spinning, high flaring Turbulent™ core.


The Trident™ Odyssey marks the return of the Turbulent™ core used in the original Trident™.  It was selected because, for the purposes of this ball, a lower RG core performs the best.  The Trident™ Odyssey is designed for control in heavier concentrations in oil, which is ideal for the low RG and high differential of the asymmetrical Turbulent™ core. 


The Coercion™ cover system is a proven leader in combating high volumes of oil while still providing control. The Trident™ Odyssey features the most recent update to the Coercion™ technology with the introduction of Coercion™ FYS (Full Yield Solid).  The uniqueness of this cover stock is that it creates vast amounts of hook for the bowler without reading so early that it loses down lane continuation.  The most difficult aspect of making strong solid cover stocks for heavy oil is finding the balance exhibited in this ball - maximum hook without giving away down lane motion.


Color  Navy/Blue/Red Solid
Reaction  Medium-Heavy Oil
Coverstock  Coercion FYS Solid Reactive
Factory Finish  2000 Grit LSS
Core  Turbulent
Weight  12-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff Int Diff
 16  2.49  0.051  0.016
 15  2.49  0.054  0.017
 14  2.51  0.054  0.017
 13  2.57  0.042  0.013
 12  2.64  0.029  0.009