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The Blue Coral Venom is the first ever hybrid asymmetric found in the 10-year history of the Venom line. The latest stage of evolution in the wildly successful Venom line, the Blue Coral Venom focuses on versatility and benchmark reaction for moderately high friction surfaces. An upgrade to the Venom Recoil, the Blue Coral Venom provides more traction in the oil with a stronger and more continuous down lane motion.

With the Coercion MFH Reactive cover, the Blue Coral Venom provides plenty of length through the front of the lane, while picking up in the middle of the lane with a smooth and controllable transition. This hybrid cover is remarkable thanks to its ability to provide traction in the oil, without sacrificing control down lane. This performance provides the strength and incredible versatility that the Venom line is known for.

Versatility is also what makes the Gear APG core special. Its low differential and asymmetry allow the Blue Coral Venom to attack the pins from shallower angles using a more aggressive cover stock. Originally deployed because weight holes were being eliminated, the slight asymmetry of this core gives ball drillers more options than a typical symmetric design.


Color  Navy Solid/Sky Blue Pearl
Reaction  Medium Oil
Coverstock  Coercion MFH Reactive
Factory Finish  4000 Grit LSS
Core  Gear APG
Weight  12-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff Int Diff
 16  2.48  0.032  0.011
 15  2.47  0.036  0.013
 14  2.50  0.033  0.012
 13  2.56  0.028  0.009
 12  2.63  0.020  0.007