Best Bowling


Given the success of the RST™ Core (Roto Star Tour Core) worldwide, we felt it was imperative to create yet another outstanding option in this prolific series utilizing this dynamic Medium RG Asymmetrical Core.

In order to create a ball reaction/motion different than the RST™ X-2, we felt that going with a more aggressive coverstock base material to read more in the midlane was indeed the answer without the ball reacting too early.

For starters, we opted to go with 2-parts Pearl / 1-part Solid in this version of MicroTrax Hybrid in order to produce more traction in the midlane, while still proving plenty of reaction/motion down lane. From there, upon countless tests and studies, we felt our latest "4K - Fast" finish provided us the optimum reaction on the lane while still allowing for the coverstock to be dialed in even more for each individual bowler. This combination definitely produces A LOT more midlane traction in order to create a greater separation in overall reaction between the RST X-2 and the new RST X-3. It's OK, you can thank us later.


Color  Yellow/Smoke/Grape
Coverstock  MicroTrax Hybrid Reactive
Factory Finish  4K Fast
Core  RST (Roto Star Tour) Asymmetrical Core
Weight  12-16 lbs



Weight RG Diff
 16  2.52  0.049
 15  2.53  0.053
 14  2.55  0.053
 13  2.57  0.032
 12  2.59  0.029